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Reem Shaikh, who plays the role of Kalyani in Zee TV’s “Tujhse Hai Raabta.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI — With the lockdown gradually being lifted,  Zee TV has resumed shoots of its shows and is all set to reconnect its audiences with the journeys of their beloved characters who had become their favorite dinner-table companions.

However, wearing a mask has become a necessary precaution and the crew and cast members were seen observing strict protocols as the shows went on floors once again. Not only were the Zee TV on-screen “bahus” (daughters-in-law) dressed in their beautiful costumes, but they also had matching masks to go with their outfits. 

Yes, Zee TV’s leading ladies were seen taking up the global trend of wearing designer masks and giving themselves stylish looks to flaunt even while protecting themselves and those around.

Kanika Mann, who plays the role of Guddan in Zee TV’s “Guddan Tumse Na Ho

Payega,” added, “I think wearing masks has become a part of our daily attire, but that does not mean they can’t have a fashionable or stylish appeal. Ever since masks became a part of our new normal, I have been looking up for some quirky and cool patterns to match my personal, casual and ethnic outfits.” 

“In fact, for my character as well, we’ve specially designed masks to match the outfits I wear for a scene. While it might seem like a small essential accessory, the excitement of wearing a new colorful printed mask every day really cheers up my mood. Of late, I have also been shopping for a lot of such printed masks, particularly ones with an amalgamation of colors to maintain a little personal collection of mine.” 

“Trend or no trend, wearing a mask is extremely essential and I urge all our viewers to wear a mask if they really need to step out, but don’t let the quarantine blues dull your vibrant fashion sense!”

Reem Shaikh, who plays the role of Kalyani in Zee TV’s “Tujhse Hai Raabta” adds with restraint, “In the past couple of months, we all have understood the part that a good mask plays in protecting all of us, and I am thankful to my designer, who has made masks that match with all my costumes. Not only does it give me a stylish look, but it also helps us follow all the guidelines for protecting ourselves in a fashionable way. I would like to tell all my fans to wear a mask not just for themselves, but for others too.”

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