Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se

Karan Jotwani (left) and Suhasi Dhami as Sahil and Vedika in Zee TV’s “Aap Ke Aa Jane Se.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Zee TV’s “Aap Ke Aa Jane Se” is set for a revamp that will bring a new love story to the fore. While taking their last dying breaths after being killed by Badi Amma’s stepson, Sahil (played by Karan Jotwani) and Vedika (played by Suhasi Dhami) promise each other that even though their love story was left incomplete in this birth, they will definitely find their way back to each other in their next life.

Born again as their new incarnations, the story will revolve around Vedika in her new life, who has gone through a divorce. She falls in love with a much younger man again called Sahil. Jotwani and Dhami will continue being the leads on the show.

Talking about this revamp, Jotwani said, “The show is going through a revamp, but the narrative will remain the same. A younger guy falls in love with an older woman and how they fight all odds to be together. My character doesn’t care about age or whether or not a person is a divorcee, and I also personally think that none of this should be a barrier for loving someone. ‘Aap Ke Aa Jane Se’ is known for breaking the barrier of such societal norms, and it will be interesting to see how the viewers will react to this fresh love story of Vedika and Sahil.”

In the new episode, Vedika’s younger sister Radhika’s (played by Manisha Rawat) marriage is being fixed with Sahil, but Sahil will be against it as he falls madly and deeply in love with Vedika, a recent divorcee and elder sister of the girl he had to marry. Sahil has a tough fight ahead with his family, which is vehemently against their love as Vedika is too old for him.

But we would just like to know how two people who died at the same time have such an age difference in their next births!

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