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Parag Tyagi (left) along with Gaurav Chopra at the conference of Zee TV's upcoming Fiction drama – “Aghori.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI— The mere mention of Aghoris triggers an image of fear, intrigue and mystique in our minds because precious little is known about this reclusive cult of sadhus. We visualize an ash-smeared man with intense eyes, sporting dreadlocks, and chanting something. But can a man, who looks no different than you or me, has a day job and seems well-adjusted socially, could also be a worshipper of Aghora?

What if a girl happens to fall in love with a seemingly ordinary man, only to discover later that he is actually an Aghori? What if he has consciously held back his true identity to serve a hidden agenda that he plans to fulfill through her? A story of love, mysticism and deceit, Zee TV’s next weekend fiction offering, “Aghori” will shatter all stereotypes surrounding love and present a never-seen-before love story set against the fascinating backdrop of the Aghori world.

Produced by Essel Vision Productions Ltd., “Aghori” will premiere Jun. 22 and will air weekends. Aparna Bhosle, Business Head, Zee TV, said, “It is the very first time on Indian television that a show is exploring this space. Neither is it an attempt to spread awareness about Aghori practices, nor do we make claims of documenting their reality. The show takes cognizance of the fact that Aghoris could exist amongst us without our knowledge and takes off from there to narrate a fictionalized account of a seemingly ordinary man who is actually an Aghori on a mission. It follows him as he crosses paths with a woman who falls in love with him, unaware of his Aghori practice and a war between their heads and hearts that ensues as they set off on a journey of love, deceit, hidden agendas and a thirst for immortality. “

At the launch, Shariq Patel, CEO, Essel Vision Productions Ltd., said, “Breaking the clutter of love stories on Indian television, the story follows Advik, a strong-headed, well-trained student of Rudranath, an Aghori in search of immortality. On a mission to fulfill the command of his guru, Advik must get Kamakshi, a young woman born under a rare planetary alignment, to readily sacrifice her own life. The story turns dramatically interesting as this determined young Aghori has to weigh his duties to his guru against his own growing love for Kamakshi, a woman who loves him, innocently unaware of his agenda. We have a stellar cast on board and hope to engage our audiences with this captivating concept .”

Gaurav Chopraa, who plays Advik, said, “With such an impressive narrative and a meaty role to sink my teeth into, I couldn’t refuse a powerful character like Advik. As an actor, I always prefer experimenting and playing different roles. Moreover, I have never done something like this in the past. I hope the audience enjoys and appreciates Advik.”

Talking about her character Kamakshi, debutant Simaran Kaur said, “I am excited to make my debut with such an exciting show on a leading channel like Zee TV. The concept of the show is unheard of, hasn’t been explored on Indian television and the intrigue surrounding Aghoris are the factors that drew me towards it. Kamakshi, as a character, is a strong and level-headed person who falls in love and gets married to someone who she isn’t aware is an Aghori. I hope that the viewers connect with my character and enjoy the show.”

Parag Tyagi, seen as Aghori Rudranath, said, “I have a long-standing association with Zee TV, and I thoroughly enjoyed working in the hugely successful supernatural thriller ‘Brahmarakshas.’ My character of Rudranath is a megalomaniac and wants to attain immortality and can go to any extent to achieve the same.”

“Aghori” also features a powerful cast including Preeti Puri, Poulomi Das, Zafar Rajdhani, Malhar Pandya and others in pivotal roles.

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