TV Detective Didi

From caring for her family to cracking down on felony, Bunty Sharma, played by Sonia Balani (left) is a detective in Zee TV’s new show “Detective Didi.” Manish Goplani (right), seen here at the launch of the show in Delhi on Dec. 1, plays a cop. (photo provide)

MUMBAI—And she juggles both with swag! Premiering on Dec. 9, “Detective Didi” is the latest weekend show from Zee TV, which was launched in Delhi on Dec. 1.

Bunty Sharma is a woman of steel, whose curiosity and keen attention to detail have helped decode many a mystery. A feminist at heart, she braves the big bad world and exposes criminals with as much dexterity as she manages her household chores and takes care of her family. Driven by the need to protect her city from the crimes its citizens are facing, “Detective Didi” takes every responsibility in her stride.

Committed to offering its viewers empowering stories that nudge every Indian to push their inner boundaries and achieve their dreams, Zee TV presents a show that defies stereotypes. Embodying the channel’s brand philosophy “Aaj Likhenge Kal,” it is about a woman who chooses a bold career in a male-dominated world, encouraging countless young girls across the country to unshackle themselves from self-imposed barriers and go after even their seemingly unconventional dreams and career choices.

Produced by Rohit Vaid and Ila Bedi Dutta, “Detective Didi” is set in the crime capital of India, Delhi. Special agent Bhim Singh Bhullar and private detective Bunty, amidst their professional assignments, make way for some lighter moments while they investigate the city’s most baffling criminal cases. While Bhim is a jolly cop from the Delhi crime branch who investigates staying well within the rule book, Bunty takes matters into her own hands as she has no faith in the capabilities of the police.

In the chase for who solves the case first, Bhim and Bunty, a man and a woman who can’t stand each other, fight tooth and nail to catch criminals and solve many interesting cases. Brilliant at their work and having their own individual strengths, they employ distinctly different methods while solving the same cases. So, when both Bunty and Bhim work together as a unit despite their differences, they seem to successfully solve cases with relative ease.

Playing Bunty Sharma is Sonia Balani, while Manish Goplani will be seen as Bhim Singh Bhullar.

Deepak Rajadhyaksha, deputy business head, Zee TV, said, “Over the past 25 years, Zee TV has been at the forefront of presenting viewers with a relatable glimpse of the common man’s life and aspirations. This is a racy, action-packed show that traces the journey of a razor-sharp girl detective who, with her own knack for sleuthing, has made a mark for herself in a domain otherwise dominated by men and considered unsafe for women. Juggling between nabbing criminals and managing her family responsibilities, Bunty will serve as an inspiration for many young girls who wish to strike the perfect balance between fulfilling their ambitions and staying rooted to their family values. It is the very first time that we have introduced a detective drama over our weekend primetime, adding variety to our offerings and inviting fresh audiences to sample our content.”

Commenting on the show, producer Ila Bedi Dutta said, “Bunty isn’t your typical professional detective, she is an amateur with an uncanny knack for spotting crime and arresting it in time. Being a family person herself, she closely understands the human angle behind the concerns of the common man in distress. It is often the emotional aspects of a situation that drive her to crack a case and nail the culprit. Bunty’s spirit and determination will uplift the hopes of many Indian women to start afresh and give a new meaning to their lives. Audiences will also enjoy the competitive spirit and spirit of sporty one-upmanship between Bunty and Bhim. Given that the story is based in Delhi, we have shot the show extensively across real locations within the capital city to add a strong layer of authenticity to Bunty’s and Bhim’s adventures.”

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