MUMBAI — ZEE5 recently announced “Bhalla Calling Bhalla,” a show shot entirely online! The trailer of the show is out now and gives you a sneak-peek into the Bhalla family.

The trailer gives a glimpse of the Bhalla family. It opens with Mr. Bhalla (businessman. Kavi. husband) and his son Sahil (actor. chef. mumma’s boy) talking about what they want or expect from life. You can then see Mrs. Bhalla (mother. happy. ladies club president) speaking to her daughter who insists on calling her by her new name Arundhati (rebel. Arundhati. angry), a glimpse of Gogi (yogi. zen. mischievous) and finally the time when the lockdown news was announced and the reactions from the respective family members via a Zoom call.

The video closes with Gogi summing up the Bhalla family for us.

 The 12-episode show is a lockdown special series shot from the safety of the actors’ homes, with each episode of 7 to 8 minutes. The lockdown has made the family realize the need to be with each other and that they need Lovely Bhalla to tide them through this crisis as they are all stuck in different parts of the country.

The most unique thing about “Bhalla Calling Bhalla” is that it is a show completely conceptualized, written, shot, edited and presented to the audience during a lockdown. There was no set, so no actors met each other.

Starring Lubna Salim as Mrs. Lovely Bhalla, Rajesh Kumar as Mr. Bhalla, Leenesh Matoo as Sahil Bhalla (son), Gracy Goswami as Lisa aka Arundhati Bhalla (daughter) and Gaurav Gera as Gaurav Singh (Mrs. Bhalla’s brother), the show premieres May 20.

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