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Juhi Parmar in “Hamariwali Good News.” (Publicity photo)

MUMBAI — As a part of the content extravaganza that Zee TV is offering its viewers in the festive month of October, the channel presents a heartwarming story that captures the essence of the ever-evolving dynamics of the “saas-bahu” relationship in Indian society. A relationship, often portrayed as typically adversarial, political and manipulative, especially on Indian television, will now make way for an equation that is based on trust, hope and friendship that has the two going out on a limb for each other in Zee TV’s new show “Hamariwali Good News.”

In fact, the show presents a most unique role-reversal between the daughter-in-law Navya and her mother-in-law Renuka to give their family the much-awaited good news. Set in Agra, the show features the Tiwari parivaar, who like most families, are grappling with the quest for the quintessential Good News of a tiny tot who will fill up their lives with joy. Only this time around, it is the saas (mother-in-law), who rather than pressurizing or berating her bahu (daughter-in-law) for not being able to conceive, will go the extra mile and brush aside considerations such as age and “Log kya kahenge (What will people say?)” by conceiving a baby with her husband.

After all, who better than your own family to back you up when your chips are down and there seems to be no hope? The journey of this unique relationship and the manner in which it beautifully deepens in the face of this role-reversal forms the crux of the new show.

The show will feature versatile television actress Srishti Jain as Navya Tiwari, a confident and young 23-year-old married girl who teaches kindergarten kids. While she wishes to have children of her own, Navya does not want to rush into this next phase of her life as she understands that raising kids comes with incredible responsibility, so she wishes to do so when the time is right.

Popular TV actress Juhi Parmar slips into the shoes of Renuka, the mother-in-law who is the lifeline of the Tiwari family and manages the house the way only she can. She is a strong-headed and God-fearing person who is also an active member of a ‘Kirtan Mandli’ (a group singing devotional songs) consisting of the neighborhood women.

Shakti Anand will be essaying the pivotal character of Mukund, who is Renuka’s husband and Navya’s father-in-law. A grocery shop owner, known for being a miser, he follows the motto of “Jaisa chal raha hai badhiya hai (Things are fine as they are), what is the need for change?” And though he enjoys spending time with his friends and discussing politics and cricket, his relationship with his wife Renuka and son Aditya is strained.

However, he bonds well with Navya, even more than with his own children, as he feels that she understands him like no one else.

Talking about the fresh concept, Jain, who plays Navya, says “The show has an extremely unique concept that redefines the age-old, traditional saas-bahu dynamic. I am ecstatic about this project. To be honest, slice-of-life stories are my favorite kind as I feel they provide a certain relatable factor for the viewers and I hope the audience likes our show.”

Parmar mentions, “I am always up for challenges and when Renuka’s role was offered to me, I felt that this would be very different. The storyline is very unique and Renuka has various shades. making her a very interesting woman and one who is relatable and yet so different. I love that she is so vocal, funny at times and yet so caring and can truly go to any extent for her family.”

Shakti Anand added, “The show delves deep into eradicating a social taboo and is a breath of fresh air in the truest sense. I feel truly blessed that I got to be a part of “Hamariwali Good News.” Mukund is quite different from any role I’ve played and I’m really thrilled for this fresh challenge.”

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