KOLKATA — Banchharam’s famous Bengali sweets will be made available in the United States in 2016, a company official said June 29.     

“After our visit to an investment summit in Washington D.C., in March, we decided to expand our presence to the U.S. market by exporting our sweets. We have already spoken with distributors,” Subhajit Ghosh, director of Banchharam Food Products, told reporters here.

Ghosh said their market survey showed there was a lot of scope for authentic Bengali sweets. The sweets will be made in Banchharam’s plant in West Bengal for export to different parts of the U.S. in accordance with stringent Food and Drug Administration requirements.

“By the beginning of 2016, we will start exporting,” Ghosh added.

Banchharam, which has 14 stores in Kolkata and three in Bangalore, also has plans to open outlets and eventually start making sweets in the U.S.     

“Our long-term plan is to open our own standalone store there. Until then, we want to sell our sweets as packaged items in department stores in the U.S. Places like San Francisco, New York and Washington D.C. have a substantial Bengali population, so we are targeting them,” Ghosh said.    

The U.S. government’s Select USA initiative to attract investment in the country is helping the sweet shop to expand overseas.     

“Bengali sweets are available in the U.S., but the authentic Bengali taste is missing. Not only do Bengalis enjoy the sweets, but Indians, those from other parts of Asia and even Americans are experimenting with food,” the company director said. 

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