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Indian American influencer Kamana Bhaskaran. (Kamana Bhaskaran/Instagram video screenshot)

A charcuterie board definitely makes entertaining easy. While most charcuterie boards you pin on Pinterest show you how to display a variety of meats/cheeses/fruits/cheeses, an Indian American influencer is now showing followers how to tweak it to suit the Indian palate.

San Francisco Bay Area, Calif.-based Kamana Bhaskaran has not just discovered a way to fill these boards with Indian delights but has also come up with a fun name: “chaat-cuterie” boards.

To recreate her board, start with your anchor item like samosa, add your favorite chutneys and dips. Hit it with toppings like potato and chickpeas. Layer in your chaat crispies and fill in any spaces with your favorite sweets, Bhaskaran, who shares “Asian-inspired desi hacks,” says in an Instagram video.

“I love ladoos and Parle-G,” she says, adding that you can garnish with jalebi, sev, and bhel puri.”

The video received immense response, garnering over 23,000 likes and tons of compliments.

“This is genius,” exclaimed one follower. “Such a creative way to serve chaat,” concurred another.

If you liked the chaat-cuterie board, Bhaskaran, who works as principal program manager at Medtronic, also teaches you how to make the “chai-cuterie” board.

For this board, start with your tea cups and chutneys. Add in your favorite cookies and biscuits. There’s no reason why you can’t add some samosas, bhel puri cups and crispies. Fill in any spaces with jeera puffs, mithai and spicy makhana and garnish with Parle-G. Strain and pour your chai and, voila, your chai-cuterie board is ready!

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