Mumbai — The brainchild of Sapna Chaturvedi of Sanskriti, the only saatvik food chain in Mumbai, took shape May 2 and 3 at Mumbai’s Infiniti Mall, where they broke a record for the Guinness Book of World Records and five others for the Limca Book of Records.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor dropped the first imarti (the form of jalebi made here) material in the kadai (frying pan). Sanskriti broke the record with this 37-kg sweet (the last record was 20 kg) with an average diameter of 9 feet. It took three hours and 48 minutes to make it!

Chaturvedi told India-West, “It’s a proud moment for us, and I am very happy that the purpose with which we attempted this event has been achieved.”

She added, “With so many natural disasters and the crime rate increasing constantly, people have lost faith in God and belief in themselves, and this event is just to re-instill the faith that nothing is impossible, and everyone is capable of achieving whatever they truly desire.

“The Sanskriti team has put in 100 days of hard work for practicing and since [the last] 10 days, they have spent more than 18 to 20 hours a day tirelessly on this. It was a wonderful attempt by our team, and it’s overwhelming to see the support that we are getting from all over the world.”

Other records attempted and broken for the Limca Book of Records are: Largest Jalebi in the World — the previous record was 8.2 feet, made by Star TV last year; Heaviest Kadai in the World — the kadai weighed 1,020 kg and the previous one weighed 380 kg, which was made by Vim in 2003.

The project leader was Gaurav Chaturvedi and the team members who made the feat possible were Raj Karan, Tushar, Vinayak, Raju, Angad, Lallu, Sayeeda, Kanahiya, Javed, Pradeep and Amit.

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