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Coast Magazine has named Indian American chef Shachi Mehra among the ‘Top 5’ chefs of Orange County, Calif. (Adya/Facebook photo)

The menu of Indian American chef Shachi Mehra’s restaurant, Adya, combines “modern and classic Indian styles of cooking, while balancing the bounty of Southern California with the bold flavors and spices of India.” And for that very reason, the Anaheim, Calif.-based chef ranks among the ‘Top 5’ chefs of Orange County, Calif., who have made “waves on the Southern California culinary scene,” according to Coast Magazine.

By showcasing their own versions of modern fusion food, these cooks, the magazines states, pull inspiration from their pasts and their various ethnic backgrounds — India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Italy, and France — to produce some of the most “interesting and inspiring” food served today.

The article describes Mehra’s food as a “gateway drug.”

“You might have preconceived ideas about Indian food – maybe it’s too spicy, maybe you have nightmares of Delhi belly, maybe those high school cafeteria troughs filled with green gunk traumatize you. Whatever your hang-ups, those will all be dashed once you taste Mehra’s food,” reads the article.

According to the magazine, some of the best dishes on Adya’s menu – which she runs along with her partners, chef Sandeep Basrur and husband Maneesh Rawat – include shrimp curry and goat cheese naan.

The article notes that unlike other Indian restaurants, Adya “fuses Mehra’s love for traditional flavors with her take on American comfort food.”

Mehra also hosts cooking classes at the Anaheim Packing House where she introduces inquisitive diners to her food as they learn about seasonal ingredients, where they’re grown, who the farmers are and how to use them.

In the past, Mehra has worked with fine dining restaurants like Tamarind of London in Newport Beach, Calif., and Tabla in New York.

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