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In a video showing the Indian heritage side of actress Mindy Kaling and U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, the two cooked masala dosa. (YouTube screen grab)

Well-known Indian American actor and entertainer Mindy Kaling and U.S. Senator Kamala Harris have paired up to make masala dosa.

Harris Nov. 25 posted on her YouTube page an 8-minute, 53 second video of the duo working in the kitchen.

"Who else keeps their spices in Taster’s Choice jars?" Harris wrote in the post. "Turns out Mindy Kaling and I have more in common than we initially thought."

Harris visited Kaling's house in her kitchen, where Kaling asked Harris a number of questions.

Harris said she was raised eating lots of South Indian cuisine, such as rice and yogurt, dal, potato curry and idli.

For the video, Kaling and Harris made dosa with potato curry. Before getting started, they talked about how Kaling and Harris' family both stored their spices in Taster Choice jars.

"I didn't know it was actually a thing among our people," Harris said with a chuckle.

While prepping, Kaling and Harris discussed their upbringing in finding ways for them, as South Asians who are typically vegetarians, to eat something that came from meat, among other food-related topics from their Indian upbringing.

"I'm really stressed about doing this," Kaling said to Harris, whom the actress said the senator clearly has more knowledge of cooking that she does.

"I'm in awe that this is happening at all in a real kitchen in front of me," Harris responded.

Kaling took over the cooking of the dosa while Harris mingled with Kaling's father for a few minutes. Then, Kaling put the dosa on a plate, and plopped the potato curry on top and folded it over.

"The flavor is very nice," Harris said. "You're such a good cook."

To wrap up the video, Kaling, who said she looks forward to voting for Harris, said she hopes to one day cook dinner for her in the White House.

The entire video can be seen here: https://bit.ly/35GMkA6.

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