ARTESIA, CALIF. – A new ice cream shop has opened its doors in Artesia to offer low-cal cold treats to Indians and non-Indians alike.

Chillz Snow ‘n’ Dessert shop is a cool inviting place with pista green walls, white tables and chairs with colorful cushions and cool stools for small guests in eye-popping colors. How could cold treats be low-calorie, you may ask? Make no mistake; this place is unlike any other ice cream place where calorie-conscious patrons can happily indulge. Besides, the ice creams are eggless and vegetarian and made with real fruits and nuts. What more could a vegetarian ask for?

The shop offers low-calorie natural fruit-flavored Hawaiian shaved ice as a base. One can choose from various toppings and can also opt for condensed milk drizzle. In addition to the Hawaiian ice offerings, the store offers exotic drinks and ice creams in Indian flavors.

To create these ice creams, the owner of Chillz Snow ‘n’ Dessert, Vishal Gandhi, collaborated with manufacturer/consultant Dr. Kanthi Parekh, who holds a Ph.D. in food technology. Gandhi gets the best quality fruit-flavored ice cream and all other quality ingredients from Parekh.

Gandhi is no stranger to the ice cream world. He has owned two ice cream parlors in the quintessential Indian town of Edison, New Jersey, for several years. Visiting Southern California a few years ago and seeing the gorgeous weather, he thought about opening a store here. He moved stock and barrel from New Jersey to California and bided his time by opening a beauty salon, Style In Beauty Salon, next to Bhindi’s in 2012, and began working on the logistics of opening a cool ice cream parlor.

He finally achieved his dream when he opened Chillz Snow ‘n’ Dessert in the heart of Little India on the busy South Street in City Plaza. The store had a soft opening a few months ago and gets steady walk-in clients who come in looking for a dessert after eating at nearby restaurants.

Felissa Rose, a Hollywood horror movie celebrity, graced an event at the store April 22.

In the Hawaiian ice section, the offerings come in small, medium and large bowls with reasonable prices ranging from $4.25 to $7.75. The small bowl has single flavored shaved ice and the larger ones have two or more. Single flavored shaved ice comes in 15 flavors such as strawberry, coconut, taro, lychee yogurt and chocolate nirvana. The remaining 12 flavors come in doubles: pineapple and coconut, vanilla and coffee, green apple and banana, offering a total of 28 flavors to choose from. The numbers are associated with each flavor and are displayed on the wall with accompanying pictures, making it easier to choose from.

The Indian desserts and drinks are exotic and drool worthy. The offerings include malai, pista, falooda kulfis and thandai drink and casatta ice cream. Asked about his signature Indian fare, Gandhi proudly told India-West that he is sure that nobody in the area can make a Badshahi Falooda drink like he does.

Sure enough, the sample drink he prepared was so delicious it was hard not to order another one to-go. When asked about catering, Gandhi said that for now, customers can pick up ice cream buckets for about $75, which is less than $1.50 per cup. Perfect after an Indian party meal is the Pan Ice-cream, which is made with real pan leaves and gives you the satisfaction of chewing a pan as well as eating a dessert. In the future, he may expand catering to include exotic ice cream drinks.

The shop is located at 11660 South St. in Artesia. Call (562) 809-7669 for more information.

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