Masterchef Australia

Brent Owens, winner of season six of “Masterchef Australia,” tries sevi puri on the streets of Mumbai. (Brent Masterchef 2014 photo)

New Delhi — “Masterchef Australia 6” winner Brent Owens loves popular Indian street snack pani puri so much that he has decided to experiment with it for a new exotic dish.

Owens was in the capital to promote the new season of the cooking reality show on Star World Premiere, when he tried different Indian delicacies and street food.

“I had sev puri, pani puri, pav bhaji and vada pav. It was spicy, but it was nice. I liked pani puri the most. I would like to re-create that snack in my kitchen.

“It feels great to be in India. I wanted to try as much Indian food as I could. I was very curious to know about Indian cuisines because in Australia, we have our own take on Indian food, which is not at all like the real cuisine,” said Owen.

While describing his journey on the cooking reality show as “emotional,” Owens said there were many ups and downs during the competition, but he has only positives to take from it.

“My journey of ‘Masterchef’ was a mixed bag. You have various emotions. There are some points in the competition that are difficult, but overall it is fun.

“Now when I reflect back on it, everything looks positive to me — all the ups and downs, the failures, the trials and errors, missing my family,” he said.

When asked about his future plans, the chef said, “I would like to have my own first package real business. In Australia, everyone is busy and they like to have food on the go, so that will be a healthier option. I would also like to bring a TV show,” he said. 

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