Immigrant Restaurateurs

Ajay Ravindranathan, an Indian-American research scientist, has launched a new website that helps ethnic restaurateurs succeed and also promotes cultural awareness within American society at the same time. (

The United States is considered a melting pot, with thousands of immigrants pursuing the American dream here, some through restaurant ownership.

A new website, launched by Indian American research scientist Ajay Ravindranathan, aims to celebrate these restaurateurs.

Launched in December 2017 by Ravindranathan, a self-confessed foodie, Uncle Sam’s Immigrant Café is a San Francisco Bay Area-based non-profit organization.

Its mission, it explains on its website – – is to “build cultural awareness in the American population and promote the businesses of our immigrant restaurateurs.”

It also appeals to the readers to “patronize the restaurants” posted to its site.

The inaugural issue features the story of Binita Pradhan, known affectionately as Bini, from Nepal, who escaped the clutches of domestic abuse and went on to start her own restaurant in San Francisco.

The other restaurateur featured on the website is Abdul Al Rammah, owner of the San Francisco-based Yemen Kitchen.

The stories of these restaurateurs provide an in-depth insight into their culture and cuisine, according to the website.

Readers are encouraged to submit their own ethnic restaurant reviews, which are posted in the ‘Suggested Restaurants’ tab.

Currently, the site caters to the Bay Area restaurants, but plans to expand to include other cities and states. 

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