SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Japan’s beloved BAKE Cheese Tart Shop opened its first store in United States at the Westfield Mall here May 4, 2018. Originating in Japan’s dairy capital of Hokkaido, BAKE Cheese Tart is a one-of-a kind artisan dessert, a scrumptious pastry with a crisp cookie crust and a melt-in-your-mouth cheese filling made from three different cheeses.

“BAKE cheese tarts are incredibly popular in Japan and throughout Asia where we operate more than 42 stores,” said BAKE CEO Shuhei Nishio at the launch event. “We have an unrivaled passion for pastries. From sourcing the finest ingredients to the technology behind our processes and the extra care we devote to baking our products, BAKE cheese tart is unlike any other dessert experience,” added Nishio. A bite of the delectable desert transports you to a culinary heaven of sorts and it is tough to stop at one.

Over 200 people patiently waited in line at the Westfield Mall May 4 for sampling and gift card giveaways. One of the guests, Melita Chan, said, “I have tasted the BAKE cheese tarts in Japan and I am a big fan. The cheese just melts in your mouth. There is nothing like it. I would have come to buy even if there was no free tasting.”

The tarts, priced at $3.50 each or $21 for a box of six, are made from cream cheese that balances tartness and creaminess with a hint of salt. The tart gets its crispness due to the double bake baking method. Each crust is baked once and then again after the cheese mousse filling is added.

“Ingredients, presentation and freshness are the most crucial elements for us. This is our first and only store in the U.S. and we are very ecstatic about the store opening,” said Nishio. “San Francisco is known for art, fashion, food and technology and these cultures make it as one of the best metros in the U.S. Westfield Mall has a great portfolio for fashion and food shopping. Starting off from here, we are looking forward to more ventures and business-to-business collaborations as well. We are very excited to collaborate with San Francisco based Dandelion Chocolate,” added Nishio via a translator.

“Last January we met a representative of Dandelion Chocolate in Japan and we were inspired of how they build their product from the scratch, and since it’s our mission to enhance the value of the pastry and cater to the world, we share common values and we thought of it as a best match and collaborate. We are very thankful to Dandelion for all their help,” added Nishio.

They have not decided on a next location but are open to franchising, retail, wholesale, and business to business partnerships to enhance and grow the business in the United States. “We are very thankful to all our suppliers and caterers that have made it possible to transport the cheese tarts from Hokkaido in Japan to San Francisco in United States,” said Nishio.

The tasty tarts are transported daily from Hokkaido and are only given a finishing coat at the store for freshness.

Since the test of the tarts lies in its taste, go try one and be ready to be smitten.

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