Juhu Beach

Indian American chef Preeti Mistry’s Oakland, Calif.-based restaurant, Juhu Beach Club, is closing but Mistry told the media that there will be a new version. (Preeti Mistry/Facebook photo)

After being in operation for close to five years, James Beard nominated chef Preeti Mistry’s Oakland, Calif.-based restaurant, Juhu Beach Club, known for its creative Indian street food recipes, will be closing its doors.

The Indian American chef who charmed celebrated chef Anthony Bourdain with her creative dishes back when he filmed “Parts Unknown” in the Bay Area isn’t lacking for business, according to The Mercury News, she just has a lot on her plate right now.

Mistry released her first cookbook, “The Juhu Beach Club Cookbook: Indian Spice, Oakland Soul,” Oct. 31, and her new restaurant, Navi Kitchen, just opened in Emeryville, Calif. The new restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Indian pizzas.

“Juhu is not going away, just the current iteration,” Mistry told Eater SF. “There will be a 3.0, we can’t totally talk about it yet but it’s not going away. I’m not going away. I just need to spread my wings a little bit beyond those four walls and have Juhu grow up in some different way.”

The cookbook, about which Bourdain said, “What Preeti Mistry does on the page is as delicious and exciting as what she does in her restaurant,” is influenced by her background as a second-generation Indian, born in London, raised across the U.S., and now based in the Bay Area.

Mistry’s irreverent style informs her personality and her food. This collection of street food, comfort classics, and restaurant favorites blends cuisines from across India with American influences.

Organized by feeling rather than course or season, with chapters like ‘Masala Mashups,’ ‘Farm Fresh,’ and ‘Authentic? Hell Yeah,’ “The Juhu Beach Club Cookbook,” according to Mistry, weaves her culinary journey together with more than 100 recipes.

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