Artesia, Calif. – Hundreds of people filled the newest dining hall in Little India to enjoy a full-service buffet lunch and celebrate the red-ribbon grand opening of Mezban Biryani’s second – and larger – location in Artesia on Jan. 17.

The Indian-Pakistani restaurant now has two locations in the heart of Little India – its original, smaller storefront on the west side of Pioneer Boulevard, and its brand new, spacious facility across the street and in between Rasraj and Highglow Jewelers.

According to Muzamial Khan, one of the restaurant’s owners — the others being Mohammad Liquath, Mohammed Aamir and Raju Masih — the new Mezban Biryani location, which features art-deco pillars, a high ceiling and marble flooring, caters toward formal dining. The original Mezban Biryani storefront almost directly across the street will serve fast food items such as pizza.

Complementing the restaurant’s interior is a café-style exterior with outdoor seating and a unique mezzanine level catwalk where customers can dine at a table while overlooking Pioneer Boulevard.

Whereas the original Mezban Biryani location featured less than 10 dining tables, the new location across the street can comfortably serve as many as 200 customers at once.

The new Hyderabadi-style restaurant was certainly overflowing with customers and dignitaries during the red-ribbon grand opening on Jan. 17. As a line of customers filled the restaurant and extended out onto the sidewalk at around 1 p.m., board members from the Artesia Chamber of Commerce and the city’s civic leaders welcomed and congratulated Mezban Biryani’s owners.

Artesia Mayor Miguel Canales said Mezban Biryani’s addition of a second location on Pioneer Boulevard makes downtown Artesia a diverse destination.

“It’s not just another restaurant; it’s a Pakistani restaurant, which is important,” Canales told India-West. “We’re an international district and an international area.”

His colleague, council member Ali Sajjad Taj, said what makes Mezban Biryani a unique destination is its extensive offerings of mixed rice dishes.

“It’s a great restaurant, especially since their focus is on biryani. The variety is absolutely the best,” Taj, Artesia’s first-ever council member of Pakistani descent, told India-West.

Taj said a restaurant offering biryani on Pioneer Boulevard is a perfect complement to other Little India eateries offering specialized cuisines from South India, Gujarat, Punjab and other regions.

Also attending the red-ribbon grand opening from the Artesia City Council was councilwoman Sally Flowers.

The new Mezban Biryani is located at 18620 Pioneer Boulevard, Artesia, Calif.; its dining room is open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 a.m. A weekend buffet is available for $11.99. In addition to serving customers at its storefront, Mezban Biryani also provides catering for events and private parties.

Customers can visit the restaurant’s website at or call 562-865-3838.

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