Shown above are some of the delicacies served at San Francisco’s Pakwan restaurant. (Pakwan/Facebook photo)

San Francisco, Calif.-based Pakistani restaurant Pakwan has made it to San Francisco Magazine’s list of the ‘Best Places to Eat in S.F.’ in 2018.

According to the magazine, the restaurant, a favorite for late night eats, is not just that.

“It also serves some of the most boldly spiced Pakistani food in town. Look no further than that biryani, the glistening grains of rice loaded with caramelized onions, fatty lamb, and so much savory, deeply satisfying flavor,” it said.

The multiple-location restaurant serves a variety of Murgh Pakwan dishes, tandoori barbeque, biryani, and vegetarian delights.

The runner-up spot was taken by Aslam’s Rasoi, an eatery serving contemporary Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

Pakistani American chef Mohammed Aslam owns and operates the restaurant with his son, Asif Aslam.

“Whether you’re there for a sizzling tandoori, a scrumptious tikka masala, or a soothing cup of home-made chai, you can always count on chef Aslam and his family and staff to welcome you with a big smile and open arms,” Mohammed writes on the Rasoi website.

The restaurant serves an array of tandoori, chicken, lamb, seafood, rice, and vegetarian specialties along with oven-fresh breads.

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