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Betting games are becoming extremely popular in India where every day thousands of people are coming in this industry. Well, online betting in India is becoming extremely popular among the youths too.

Whether it’s the Blackjack, roulette, slots or the Indian online card games, people are actively taking part in such games. So, right in this article, let’s go ahead and unwrap the most popular betting games Indians play.

1. Roulette

Speaking about the most popular betting game in India will bring the Roulette into the limelight. The game is played on a small wheel where any person can bet unlimited number of times.

In this game, the players bet on the pockets before the ball spins right in the opposite direction of the wheel.

If the player wins, he gets the amount of money as per the bet and the game goes on with other players.

2. Baccarat

One of the most glamorous game, Baccarat is an easy to play game. On top of that, Baccarat is quite simple to learn too where you can learn the game within days.

In any Baccarat game, there are two hands where one player is known as the Banker and the other one is the other side banker.

Baccarat is one of those few casino games where you can win huge money in a short period of time. All you need is some sort of skills and an attitude to win the games.

3. BlackJack

Yet another popular game among the Indian betting and the BlackJack finally takes the centre stage. Apart from Indians, people from all over the world play this amazing betting game and are loving it to the core.

Well, the game is played between one or more players along with the dealer. This is a type of banking game where you will require your mathematical skills to come into practice.

All over the world and even in India, the BlackJack game is also known as the Twenty-One Casino Game and is being played by millions.

4. Teen Patti

Without a doubt, the number one trending betting game in India, smartphone users play teen patti on a regular basis.

The game Teen Patti originated from an Indian subcontinent after which it became extremely popular in the South Asian region.

Currently, Teen Patti is being played by over a million Indians and most mobile phones are being used to play.

There are lots of apps available online for the Teen Patti games whereas Indians can choose any app and play Teen Patti online.

5. Indian Rummy

Papplu or even known as the Indian Rummy is a very popular card game in India along with the South Asian regions.

The game is played with 2 to 6 players where players have got the chance to win a good amount of money.

Currently, plenty of apps have come into existence using which you can play Indian Rummy as and when you want. On the app, money can be loaded online and then you can win some extra money.

6. Slot Machine

Slot Machines are a kind of gambling machine which creates a real chance of winning money in Casino.

In the regions of Goa, plenty of people play the Slot Machine games where they have won money.

Altogether, the Slot Machine delivers a good amount of money based on your skills and playing tactics.

7. Poker

The Three cards or the five-card Poker game combines the gambling along with other variants that involve betting.

In the modern date, Poker games are largely played on mobile platforms. This has made online poker betting much easier.

Also, the popular variations in Poker are played straight where plenty of the people take an active part.

Summing Up

Concluding the article of the betting games that are popular in India, there are plenty of them. Almost each of the above games are played in huge numbers in online along with offline manner.

Therefore, if you are interested too in online betting, you can first learn exactly the betting procedure. Get to know the tips, tricks and once you are well-versed, the path is all open to you.

After this, you can bet in online games and win huge money periodically with time.

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