Culturally Sensitive Self-Help App for iPhone/iPad

Two psychologists, Dr. Gitu Bhatia and Dr. Linda Bortell, have just released DivorceWorks, an app which provides psychological advice and resources for people who are getting divorced or separated. This app is designed specifically keeping in mind people who are hesitant to visit a therapist or cannot afford to consult one. At a one- time fee of $.4.99, this app is cheaper than self-help books and other services offered by mental health professionals.

Using the methods of mindful awareness and cultural sensitivity, it guides the user to understand and keep track of emotions and to take reasonable steps to care for themselves, and their children. Contained in the app are the main sections of: Journaling, Emotional Tracking, Keep on Track, and Knowledge. Within these areas are a secured writing area, checklists, weekly reminders, an emotional rating system, self-help quizzes, cooling and comforting tips, and a reading list. The Knowledge section contains a library of advice and wisdom derived from thirty years of cumulative professional experience as psychologists.

DivorceWorks was recently presented at an annual conference for the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, as a tool which mental health and legal professionals can recommend to clients. The presentation, conducted by the app creators, described the app as an aid to help people mindfully transition during the difficult process of divorce, with a focus on emotional awareness.

Dr. Gitu Bhatia also points out, "Many people experiencing divorce and separation, especially people from diverse backgrounds, do not initially feel comfortable involving a mental health professional or the legal system, and need some private way of navigating their emotions through the process prior to taking those steps."

About the Creators

Both Dr. Gitu Bhatia and Dr. Linda Bortell are practicing clinical psychologists who also serve on professional boards and associations for legal and mental health professionals. Dr. Bhatia is current president of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association, and an adjunct professor at the Graduate School of Psychology at Pepperdine University Malibu. Dr. Bortell is a past president of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association, and a faculty member at Rose City Center, Pasadena.

The Divorceworks App is now available for purchase on the Apple App Store, at: The price of the app is $4.99. 

For more information, visit:

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