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Also known as Java SE 7 Programmer II, Oracle 1Z0-804 is a certification exam that comes with every piece of knowledge and skills required to work with Java. This test is a combination of various training-based tasks, performance assignments, and much more. It is a proof that the individualis experienced enough to apply his or her knowledge and skills in any area that uses Java.

Oracle 1Z0-804 is a certification exam that the studentsneed to pass in order to learn the details of working with Java and enhance their programming skills. The Oracle test covers all the basic details of theJava programming language, which are object-oriented. You will learn the basic steps for creating simple programs with Java technology, Java-related APIs, and everything you might need for designing applications.

Exam details

Java SE 7 Programmer II covers various important topics along with exercises, quizzes, and practice tests that help in clearing the exam with ease. Here is a list of some points you need to know about the test before deciding to register for it:

  • The candidates need to answer 65 questions in total.
  • The questions included in the exam belong to a multiple-choice format.
  • The total duration of the test is 150 minutes.
  • The passing mark that is needed to get the credential is 65%.

This certification test includes the following topics:

  • Java Class Design
  • Concurrency
  • Building of Database Application along with JDBC
  • Object-Oriented Design Principles
  • Java File I/O
  • String Processing
  • Java I/O Fundamentals
  • Assertions and Exceptions
  • Localization
  • Advanced Class Design
  • Threads
  • OCPJP 7 Quick Overview
  • Generics and Collections

The certification program helps in learning various aspects regarding Java, such as management and controlling of thread lifecycle, usage of parallel networks, File Classes, reading and writing data, using Throw and similar statements, using wrapper classes, using statics and other final keywords, and much more. The exam is divided into two parts, namely Java SE 7 Programmer I and II. Passing both of them will let you obtain the credential and become a real professional.

Effective tips on how to prepare for the Oracle 1Z0-804 exam

No doubt, the test comes with a number of difficult questions, it can still be cleared with particular preparation tools. Preparing for the examwill surely give you some troublesand you will have to deal with particular complex codes for becoming a certified Java programmer. It is strongly advised to note down important things that you need to revise right before sitting for the exam and look for some API techniques for clearing the test with ease. Here are some tips that will help in clearing the 1Z0-804 exam.

  • Mock tests

You can use many different types of preparation materials, but in order to pass the exam with flying colors, you are recommended to take a couple of mock tests from PrepAway as they provide the candidates with the real exam environment. Start from the easiest mock tests and move on to the tougher ones.

Download: https://www.prepaway.com/1z0-804-exam.html

To become a certified Java certified programmer, you need to work on your approach towards the codes, so develop a habit of recording all the codes that you learn during your preparation. Taking a number of mock tests will help you concentrate on the relevant subjects while sitting for the real exam. You can choose between free mock tests and premium bundles that require payment. Any of these options would help you reach the passing score.

  • K & B Book

This particular book can greatly assist you in preparing for the exam. There are so many online reviews stating that this study guide makes even the most challenging topics easy to comprehend and remember. The materials presented in this book can be also used during the last-minute revision. Apart from covering all the exam topics in a detailed manner, it also includes quizzes and practice tests.

  • JavaRanch Forum

This forum is totally dedicated to discussing the Oracle 1Z0-804 exam and the issues a test taker might encounter. This online platform comes with detailed FAQs related to every topic of the exam syllabus. You can find the answers to any of your questions on this forum. Many of the forum users are professional programmers who have mastered Java and all related technologies, so you can rest assured that any answer that you find on this platform is genuine and up-to-date.

  • Java API doc

This is yet another way of preparing for the exam in an interesting way. Java API doc helps you in developing various beneficial strategies that might help you during the exam. JavaAPI doc can assist you in dealing with any minor or major case. The platform also provides you with the detailed correct answers.

  • Group discussions

While preparing for this Java certification exam, taking part in group discussions is widely recommended for posting your inquiries and discussing them with fellow test takers. Group discussion helps in getting the correct answers from various individual. This helps in getting more facts and details about the certification test. Such discussions are often available on the social media sites like LinkedIn.

The preparation time period for the Oracle 1Z0-804 certification exam usually depends on the level of your knowledge of Java. The more experienced you are in the area of working with Java, the shorter your preparation will be. But those individuals who register for the test with little to no experience in Java programmingwould definitely need more time to get prepared. So, be sure to get at least the basic knowledge of the major test topics before attempting to take it.


The Oracle 1Z0-804 certification test is more advanced than other similarJava exams. If you use proper training materials and study books to boost your knowledge, the exam preparationwill become much easier. After reaching the passing mark and obtaining the certificate, one can opt for a number of positions, for example, a Java certified programmer, a Java certified developer, and a Java web master.

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