Those who are good at writing often think that the hardest part about becoming a book writer is getting your book published. But, when they finally sit down to write the actual book, they realize that there’s nothing harder than actually getting the book ready to be published.

Learning how to write a book will be easier if you have developed writing skills. However, book writing is nothing like writing reports, essays, or academic papers. Books are bigger, more personal, and require a great deal of work and dedication. Those writing skills you have will sure help, but if you want to write a book well, you need to follow these tips.

1.     Decide the Story for Your Book

You can be the most creative person in the world and still not finish your book. You can’t possibly think that once you start writing, the rest will simply ‘come to you’. Writing a book isn’t a small task. It is a big challenge that requires careful planning, plenty of dedication, but most importantly – an idea.

Decide what you’ll say in your book. You can change and play with the details as you write, but you must know how your book starts and ends. Unless you know the story, you’ll get lost in your writing.

2.     Set Goals

Set one big goal first. That’s the final deadline until which you need to finish your book. Now, based on that deadline, set a monthly goal. Follow up with a weekly goal and finish with a daily goal. Be flexible about this. If you’re not, you’ll start procrastinating every time something else comes up.

Be prepared for unexpected things that prevent you from fulfilling your daily goal. Writer’s block is common for all writers, so some days, you simply won’t feel like writing. This is why you must be flexible with your goals and plans and leave extra room for writing in order to meet that final deadline.

3.     Find a Time and Place to Write

Procrastination is the writer’s biggest enemy. Try to remove all distractions that prevent you from following your schedule. One of the most important steps to writing a book is finding the right place and time to work on the book, every day. Then, you must use your most productive time and place to write, without exceptions.

Consistency is important when you’re facing a long-term challenge like this one. There’s actually a perfect timing for everyone where their productivity is at its highest. Also, you must pay attention to where you write. The silliest things like a location, temperature, and even lighting can make all the difference for you.

Once you find your perfect place and time for writing, write in them every single time. It might be the small cafe around the corner, the city library, or a quiet office in your own home. Whatever works for you is the best for your book.

4.     Expect Failure

Not everything about your book writing will go as smooth as you expect. Every writer has some book struggles at some point, even those who write bestsellers all the time. So, don’t be afraid of failure. If something goes wrong, you can always find a way to fix it. You will delete a page of two, consult someone to help you. For example, essays services can be ordered at and you can make your content look more appealing.

It is the mistakes you make that will turn you into a much better writer, so embrace them. If you expect them to happen, they won’t surprise you when they occur.

5.     Get Feedback

Before you say ‘my book is done’, get an early feedback. Your friends and family can help a lot with your book writing. When you write your own story, it is easy to get lost or too attached to something. A person who reads your book for the first time will tell you what sounds bad, weird, or is irrelevant. You might also want to hire a professional editor to help you out. After all, a book is a very big piece of content that represents you as a writer, which isn’t something to be taken lightly.

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Millions of writers worldwide give up on book writing, disappointed. Some of them can make amazing book writers, but their approach prevents them from doing so. The most important idea is to sit down and start writing. With your writing gift and your dedication to the task, you could be the next bestselling author.

Author’s Bio

Joshua Robinson is a professional editor who works alongside some of the bestselling authors in the UK and the US. He helps people create their masterpieces by giving them his professional perspective. According to Robinson, the secret to writing a good book is finding the courage to begin. The rest will simply follow.

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