Overseas Friends of BJP-USA pays tribute to a great departed leader, Manohar Parrikar. Parrikar had been fighting pancreatic cancer for the last year and he breathed his last on March 17, 2019. OFBJP members are reminiscing their interactions with him during his visits to the U.S. on earlier occasions.

A graduate of IIT-Mumbai, Parrikar had immersed himself in the service of the people and the nation. He served as a member of the Goa state legislative assembly and was elected as a member of parliament. He was a four-time chief minister of Goa and served as the defense minister of India in the Modi cabinet. A man with principles, he led a very simple life throughout.

OFBJP president Krishna Reddy Anugula said, “He was one of the tallest leaders of India and BJP. OFBJP is mourning his untimely death and it is an irreplaceable loss to the nation and the party.” Dr. Adapa Prasad, vice president, said that no illness could stop Parrikar ji from working for the people till his last breath and he was a thorough gentleman and a great patriot.” Vasudev Patel, general secretary, said that he was an inspiration to the youth and someone to emulate.

OFBJP-USA offers condolences to his family and bids tearful farewell to the great leader. He is in the prayers of the Indian diaspora for his soul to rest in peace.

Krishna Reddy Anugula

President, OFBJP-USA

Via E-mail

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