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Ravi Parmar and his son Reyansh at their home in New Jersey. The founder of Bring Our Kids Home said: “Even Indian American groups and leaders have been largely silent on this issue.” (photo provided)

I would like to comment on the report that appeared recently in India-West regarding child abduction: “Indian American Parents Want India to Act, Return Their ‘Abducted’ Children.”

I as a left-behind parent would like to inform you that nearly 100 U.S.-born citizen voiceless children are abducted to India and there is no hope of their return back once abducted, as the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights under the Indian Ministry of Children is deliberately turning a blind eye to this. Furthermore, the U.S. State Department also cannot do anything and has not been protecting their own U.S. citizen children whom they are supposed to protect.

In such a situation, there has to be a warning to parents visiting India saying, their children could be next and may never return back to the U.S. from a holiday trip to India.

Readers may see for themselves the annual U.S. report that talks about India being non-compliant: https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/NEWIPCAAssets/pdfs/2019%20Report.pdf

They can do a search for India and check the two pages about India. This is just an official number of children abducted. The unofficial count is probably 2 times more than as reported since the U.S. does not report them all and does not take all the cases.

The Indian courts are manipulated by unethical lawyers in India and the children have no hope to be returned back. I can give a real example in Pune family court where a U.S. citizen parent on an Indian tourist visa abducted the U.S. citizen children and used the Pune court to keep them through manipulations and forgery.

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has turned a blind eye to this child abduction to India and this could be due to pressure from lawyers groups as there could be a big racket as we as the left-behind parents have to spend $20,000-50,000, and in some cases, even $200,000, to try to get back the children to the U.S. without any success.

Today it’s mine, tomorrow it can be anyone's U.S. citizen child.

It’s very easy to abduct a U.S. citizen child in India and the worst is that they will have illegal status in India, so what is the future of Indian American U.S. citizen children abducted in India?

Brian Tavares

Via E-mail

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