During our stay in India early this year, we took a tour to Madhya Pradesh. The tour itself was nice but our experience with the sales team and office was very disappointing.

When we booked the tour, we were told that as NRIs we have to pay more because of Government of India regulations. We were also told that the hotels charge more for NRI guests. We believed them and paid Rs 10,000 per person extra (over and above their standard tour price). Later, I found out that hotels do not charge more.

When we got back, I asked the tour operator about the extra charges and requested reference / documentation to prove / justify additional charges. I also requested a refund of additional charges. I got a usual response that the "team is looking into it and will respond.” It has been over two months now and after four to five emails, several phone calls, there is absolutely no response other than "our team is still looking and will get back to you.” Their total lack of response confirms my allegation that they did not have to pay anything extra and this was clear gouging of NRI guests.

Your readers who may be planning a trip with tour operators should be mindful of what charges are actually legitimate before booking.

Anand Nene

Via E-mail

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