Regarding the recent Indian Citizenship Law, the focus has been on how it is discriminatory, while little has been said about why it is being passed and whom it benefits. Why is there a need for such a law? Are minorities being discriminated in our neighboring countries? It is here that the western media shows its blindness; it is like they have never heard about Islamic laws, Sharia laws and blasphemy laws. Or about Aasia Bibi, the Christian woman who spent 10 long years in jail just because of an accusation?

But while there are tons of articles commenting on Putin and these dictator-style countries, where oh where are the articles on laws such as these that target minorities? Remember these are not laws aimed at immigrants trying to find refuge, but these are aimed at their own citizens. A Muslim can convert a non-Muslim but the reverse is not allowed.

Do these laws sound discriminatory?

Recently in Pakistan, a Hindu school teacher was accused of blasphemy by one of his students, and now the teacher sits in jail. Hindu teenage girls are being abducted and sold off to old Muslim men and the parents can get no justice.

It is this persecution that minorities are fleeing from and that is why the law is shaped this way – these people deserve to be first in line for the horror that they are being subjected to.

Again, I can't get over this: Islamic abusive laws target their own citizens, whereas the Indian law is about immigrants — non-citizens. And yet it is India and Hindus that get blamed. Amazing what religious hate does to people.

I would love to see articles on what is going on in Islamic countries like Pakistan, how minorities are suffering in these countries, and then would try to get the opinion of Muslims living in western countries who never fail to lecture us on how we must treat minorities, how everyone is equal and how people should not be judged based on religion. Honestly, the hypocrisy is astounding.

Vanamali Thotapalli

Chicago, Illinois

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