The public educational system in Punjab is not where it should be and needs a lot of help. The Punjabis settled abroad rue over this mess but hardly do anything to remedy the situation as they are far away from homeland.

But 15-year-old Saahil Rai, a high school student in California, has resolved to do whatever he can to set things right.

His paternal family is from Nabha. They migrated to the U.S. five decades ago.

“After having heard tales about the deplorable condition of the government school in which my grandfather had studied, I decided to do my best to improve things on my own,” said the young lad.

As a result, Saahil devised a project named Aid For Learning and approached his family members.

“My grandfather and I got in contact with the principal of the school, who confided in us of the direst needs. One such need was of 50 desks for the high school students in their classroom. I was deeply moved when I saw a picture of the high school students sitting on the floor of the classroom in the school where my grandfather attended,” he confided.

So he raised money any way he could, working in his grandparents' vineyards, collecting recyclables, selling samosas he made with his grandmother and fundraising through his blog and website

In a matter of two months, Saahil managed to raise more than Rs. one lakh. He and his grandparents then traveled to Nabha from California to personally present the desks to the students.

“This made me set my eyes on my next endeavor,” Saahil said.

It’s heartening and encouraging to see a 15-year-old willing to work hard and give back to the community. His example has the power to motivate many more such youngsters and these small efforts combined together could have big impact.

This is a heartwarming story of care and giving which must be told and retold again and again to encourage Saahil to continue his work and many others to work on such noble causes.

If readers would like to reach out to Saahil or donate to this cause, they should visit

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