1st letter 4-12

Former Union Minister and senior BJP leader Jaswant Singh's son Manvendra Singh, who quit the Bharatiya Janata Party in September, joins Congress in the presence of the party's president Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi, on Oct. 17, 2018. (IANS/Congress photo

The election commissioner of India has announced the dates for parliamentary elections and the campaign has begun in a big way. The Congress party, which was attacking Prime Minister Modi on all fronts, also got exposed when they agreed with Pakistan in blaming home-grown terror outfits for bombing the army truck that killed more than 40 brave jawans. By blaming and questioning the success of the Air Force in bombing terrorist camps, the Congress party has identified itself with Pakistani propaganda and foreign office. Both Imran Khan and General Pervez Musharraf want Rahul Gandhi to be the next prime minister. They think only under Congress rule can India-Pakistan relations improve.

With personal attacks on Modi and attacks on the army and questioning the military operations, the Congress party’s image has gone down significantly. Now Modi’s acceptance has gone up to 63% and Rahul Gandhi’s approval has gone down to less than 10%. No other party wants to make an alliance with Congress. Sonia Gandhi, who announced retirement from active politics, has decided to contest again. Robert Vadra, who is on bail, is contesting from UP. Priyanka is not contesting.

If the Congress party disappears from the political arena of India, it will be very good. Now, as Sonia Gandhi, who is a foreign born lady, is leading the party and as she does not care or respect our sanathan dharma, it is good if this Congress disappears from the political scene of India. Radical changes are happening in India and foreign supported groups will be eliminated.

Rangaesh Gadasalli

Los Angeles, Calif.

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