As the reality starts to set in, we see the impact the loss of Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal had on the Sikh Indian American community, the Houston community, and the nation. Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal was a father, an officer, an immigrant, and a trailblazer. He was the epitome of what makes a “Great American.”

His family came here with a dream of making a better life for their children and Sandeep excelled in every way. He was beloved by his family, colleagues, friends and all who had the honor of having him touch their lives.

This past month we saw an outpouring of love from people nationwide including former Vice President Joe Biden, Attorney General Gurbir Singh Grewal, Senator Ted Cruz and many more. It is in these times that we are reminded that we are all brothers and sisters regardless of race or religion.

Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal was a trailblazer in our community, not only because he paved the way for religious accommodations but because he used each day as an opportunity to teach people who Sikhs are and what they stand for. He did this through service, kindness, and honor.

SALDEF Regional Director Bobby Singh has worked closely with Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal since 2015 and he remembered him: “You can't escape the look (referring to the turban). So with that, I thought he took it upon himself to make sure that he treated every person with respect. Every person with a smile, everybody with a welcoming demeanor, he attracted people, I would use the word magnet. You know when you run into somebody and you want to have a conversation with them. It was the way he carried himself, his personality, his demeanor, and nature was the way he served as a law enforcement officer.”

Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal will be missed by his family, friends, and all the lives he touched through his service. Sandeep will forever be a role model for all the young Sikhs that he paved the way for in law enforcement. all immigrant families that come to the United States with a hope and dream, and by the nation who lost one of the most exemplary law enforcement officers.


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