1st letter 9-13-19

Former Vice President Joe Biden came under fire regarding immigration during the July 31 Democratic debates for the 2020 presidential election. Also part of the 10-candidate debate were Indian American Sen. Kamala Harris (right) and Sen. Cory Booker. (Scott Olson/Getty Images photo)

The recent outburst of Sen. Kamala Harris at the recent Democratic debate was quite unbecoming of her. Her taunts against former Vice President Joe Biden almost bordered on arrogance and crude at best. Her claims that she is African American and hence subjected to racial bias seem completely baseless.

First, she is not African American; she was born to a Jamaican father and Indian mother, making her a mixed race. It’s strange that she claims Indian heritage whenever she is amidst Indian American groups to curry their votes, but as an African American the rest of the time. Changing her color (pun intended) with different groups doesn’t make her trustworthy.

All Indian Americans, before you support her, don’t do it based on her Indian lineage, because she doesn’t claim to be one. We need a president whom we can trust.

Rama Chandramouli

Saratoga, California

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