Enough is enough; Pakistan has broken so many treaties. India has spent billions of dollars in the past budget and still spending. Pakistan wants to harbor terrorists. Every day they break the ceasefire.

The only way the peace talks will happen is if they honor the world’s message about tackling terrorism and putting terrorists in jail.

So, instead of doing peace rallies, we should go to all of Pakistan's worldwide embassies and in Pakistan and tell them to follow the wish of the world, not China's wish.

Go to all the worldwide embassies of China and in China and tell them to take out the veto vote in the U.N., which they used just recently.

China and Pakistan don't care about world peace. Sorry to those whom I may have hurt; I don't mean to hurt anybody’s feelings and thoughts. This is what I believe in.

Pravin D. Patel

Via E-mail

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