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Indian American Reshmi Inamdar supported a Fremont City Council plan to build a navigation center for the homeless on a grassy knoll owned by the Niles Discovery Church. (Sunita Sohrabji/India-West photo)

This is with reference to the Fremont City Council’s consideration to open a homeless shelter and the opinions of some Indian American residents regarding selection of the Niles Discovery Church for it at a council meeting.

On April 18, 2019, I too had attended a Huntington Beach City Council meeting where several business owners and residents of the area where a building was proposed for opening a Navigation Center, for temporary shelter and counseling services for homeless persons, expressed their concerns against the proposal. At this council meeting, representatives of the neighboring city of Costa Mesa described their positive experience with opening a similar shelter.

I was the only Indian American at the meeting in Huntington Beach, and said a few words in support of the city council’s proposal. I pointed out that in light of the success of the city of Costa Mesa in opening a homeless shelter, Huntington Beach should also proceed with their proposal, and make good faith efforts to address the concerns of the area residents.

With today’s skyrocketing rents, many young students and workers find it hard to afford suitable housing, and sometimes end up becoming homeless. Such victims would not be a danger to shelter area residents, and even for other types of homeless victims, adequate policing would alleviate the fear of crime. City officials and residents should be able to work out a solution with compassion and help deserving people manage through their difficult period.

Maneck Bhujwala

Huntington Beach, Calif.

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