I noticed the recent welcome messages from the Indian American community in advance of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Houston, Texas, for the “Howdy Modi!” rally. Of course, welcoming Modi was very much appreciated, sincerely and wholeheartedly by all of us. However, the attendees at the rally should have been warned that the appearance by Donald Trump was nothing but politically motivated to gain the votes of our community members in order to get re-elected as president in November 2020 for another four-year term.

Therefore, the real reason for Donald Trump’s appearance at the rally was not to show the members of the Indian American communities that he has concerns and issues at heart, but to deceive the members of the Indian American communities into believing he does. Donald Trump is an undeniable controversial president, a great actor, always boasts out loud, lies blatantly without providing any substantial evidence to back his lies; still under the influence of his TV show where as a ruthless “boss” he fires the “apprentices” without hesitation.

Donald Trump is not fit to be president. Similar actions of Donald Trump boasting every time he appears on television claiming the “good” economy under the false notion that it is his doing and not inherited from the previous administration, has been evidenced over and over again, witnessed throughout his almost three-year term as president.

This letter’s main purpose is to point out, in case your readers missed catching onto Trump’s double-face statement he made reiterated in this very issue, in the article entitled, “India, China No Longer Growing Nations: Trump,” where Trump, at a campaign rally in Pittsburg, said, “…China and India have grown and had tremendous advantages. We’re not letting that happen anymore. Everybody is growing but us.” This contradicting article reveals the true character and nature of Trump as a back-stabber, double-faced individual who is a danger and a risk to our national security and, therefore, to the members of the Indian American community, who should keep aside their own personal gains and benefits and not vote for Donald Trump in November 2020, so that America can be restored to become a great nation once again.

I implore all of your readers to be true to your adopted country and not vote for Donald Trump – he will only harm and bring down America in lieu of making America great.

Billie Raote

Oak Park, Calif.

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