Indian Americans for Biden-Harris, a recently formed grassroots group, celebrates the groundbreaking announcement on Aug. 11 of Senator Kamala Devi Harris as the vice-presidential running mate of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. The group Indian Americans for Biden was formed in July 2020 to establish a unified Indian American voice to support and help elect Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States. With the addition to the 2020 ticket of Indian American U.S. Senator Harris, the rapidly growing grassroots group saw a phenomenal number of requests to join the group within hours of the announcement.

It is befitting now that we mobilize to elect the first woman of both Black and Indian descent to the White House along with Vice President Biden, who appreciates that Senator Harris represents the essence of America. With this first major decision Biden has ignited energy and hope not only for Indian Americans and South Asians, but for all women of color that hard work, courage and determination are still the path to achieving the American Dream.

To cap off the historic week, on Aug. 15, the Indian American community had an opportunity to hear a special message from both Biden and Harris at a virtual celebration to mark Indian Independence Day. In a strong show of support to India, and recalling the countries’ mutual special bond and his efforts over 15 years to deepen ties with India, Biden reiterated his belief that the U.S. becoming closer friends and partners with India will make the world a safer place and, if elected president, will stand with India in confronting the threats in the region.

For decades, Indian Americans have contributed significantly to the economic growth of the United States, but were conspicuously absent from political discourse, civic engagement and a formal recognition by political parties. Through extensive conversations with Indian American community leaders, the group’s founders realized that the immigrant Indian community, which makes up about two-thirds of the total Indian American voting bloc, wanted to coalesce around their common ties to India and the issues that particularly impact them and the U.S.-India relationship, and so the group Indian Americans for Biden was formed and has evolved to Indian Americans for Biden-Harris.

Satish Korpe


Indian Americans for Biden-Harris

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