Former Vice President Joe Biden's selection of an Indian American teammate has put many Indian Americans in a bind. On the one hand we take pride in one of ours being in that position; on the other, we bristle at their promise to interfere in India's internal affairs. I refer of course to the CAA, the NRC and the integration of Kashmir.

Their promised interference raises two issues. One, are they committed to firm international principles? Or will their activism regarding India spill over to other countries, perhaps with military force? Two, despite Kamala Harris’ Indian origin, do they possess a realistic view of India and its importance? Both Biden and Harris have made statements that are sure to anger India, which means that they don't care about them.

For these reasons I call on all the Indian Americans like me, who traditionally vote Democrat, to abstain from the presidential election, unless they have already decided to vote for Trump. It is our job as Indian Americans to represent our country of origin in the democratic process. Let that be clear.

Subhash Garg

San Jose, California

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