Kasturbai “Kasturba” Mohandas Gandhi (born as Kasturbai Makhanji Kapadia) was an Indian political activist and wife of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi. In association with her husband and son, she was involved in the Indian independence movement in British-ruled India. Kasturba was very influenced by her husband Mahatma Gandhi.

Kasturba was born on April 11, 1869 in today’s Gujarat, India, and she died on Feb. 22, 1944 in Pune, Maharashtra, India, at age 74. Little is known about Kasturba’s early life. In May 1883, 14-year old Kasturba was married to 13-year old Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in a marriage arranged by their parents, in the traditional Indian manner. Mohandas was born on Oct. 2, 1869 and was 174 days younger than Kasturba. Their marriage lasted for 61 years until Kasturba’s death.

This year, Feb. 22 marked the 75th anniversary of Kasturba’s death and April 11 marked her 150th birthday. As a tribute to her, I constructed the following birthday number curiosities in her honor:

  1. Kasturba was born in 1869 on 11/4 and died in 1944 on 22/2. Note that twice the day number of her birth, namely 11, equals 22, the day number of her death and twice the month number of her death, namely 2, equals 4, the month number of her birth.
  2. If the date of Kasturba’s death is expressed as 22/2/44, 22 times 2 equals 44.
  3. Both Mohandas and Kasturba were born in 1869. If 1869 is split as 18 and 69, twice the sum of 18 and 69 equals 174, the number of days between Mohandas’s and Kasturba’s birthdays.
  4. Also, if the date Kasturba died expressed as 22/2/1944 is split as 22, 2, 19, and 44, the sum of these four numbers equals 18 plus 69.
  5. Furthermore, the prime factors of the reverse of 1869, namely 9681, are 3, 7, and 461, respectively. Interestingly, these three prime numbers add up to 471 and the reverse of 471 yields 174 (see item # 3).
  6. Moreover, if 1869 is split into two numbers consisting of its alternating digits as 16 and 89, twice the sum of 16 and 89 yields 210, Mohandas’s birth date (2/10).
  7. If 1883, the year Kasturba married Mohandas, is split as 18 and 83, the sum of 18 and 83 equals 101. Coincidentally, Kasturba was born on the 101st day of 1869.
  8. Kasturba was born in 1869 on 11/04 and 1104 equals 4 times 276. Interestingly, the sum of the prime factors of 1883 (the year she married Mohandas), namely 7 and 269, yields 276 too.
  9. Further, Mohandas’s birth date 2/10 always falls on the 276th day of a leap year.
  10. The product of 14 and 13, Kasturba’s and Mohandas’s ages at marriage, equals the sum of the squares of the digits of 1869, the year they were born.
  11. The day Kasturba died, namely 22/2, always coincides with the 53rd day of each year. Additionally, Mohandas’s birthday 2/10 always falls on the 275th day of each non-leap year. Interestingly, 275 minus 53 equals 222, the day Kasturba died (22/2).
  12. Lastly, 2019 equals 3 times 673 and these two prime numbers add up to 676 and 676 is 26 square. Interestingly, the 26th prime number is 101 and just like her birthdate, note that Kasturba’s 150th birthday coincides with the 101st day of 2019.

Happy 150th birthday to Kasturba Gandhi.

Aziz S. Inan


University of Portland

Portland, Oregon

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