1st letter-11-29-19

Supporters of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad organization celebrate the Indian Supreme Court's verdict on disputed religious site in Ayodhya awarded to Hindus, in Ahmedabad on Nov. 9. (Sam Panthaky/AFP via Getty Images)

The Supreme Court of India has given a unanimous judgment in the case questioning the ownership and rights at Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya. The court gave full control and ownership to Hindus and allotted five acres of land to Muslims to build a mosque in a place nearby. Appeals by the prime minister, chief ministers and thousands of personalities to maintain law and order and to prevent any sort of riots or protests have succeeded.

What this means to the 1.1 billion Hindus and 150 million Muslims and their opinion about the way the Modi government is functioning is that the nation has come to know that Prime Minister Narendra Modi means business and he will accomplish all that he promises and he will do everything to stick to his slogan ‘Sab ka Saath Sab ka Vikas’.

Before the judgment date was announced all parties agreed to abide by the rule no matter what. This is a great achievement. The five-member judge bench with a Muslim judge and a report of more than 1500 pages gave a statement that nothing was left unheard and all points of view were looked into. Looking forward to India, its path is fully planned to spread the message of Sanathan Dharam in Asia and other continents.

Lord Rama is worshipped in Thailand and Korea. A few years ago, Thailand had a capital called Ayuthaya, (Ayodhya). Koreans believe about one of their princesses married one of the princes from the Dasharatha dynasty. They are planning to build a temple in Ayodhya. Malaysia, Indonesia, and Cambodia consider Lord Rama as their ancestor. Sri Lanka also has respect and heritage for Lord Rama and the Ramayana.

Modi and Amit Shah have sent a strong message to all who wanted India to be a pushover for all their needs. Pakistan got a message after the surgical strike. Jammu Kashmir separatists and all pro-Pakistan elements got shut off completely after Article 370 got thrown out. There is peace in the valley and Pakistani attempts to make the issue big has failed everywhere.

More nations and European Union members are with India. By getting rid of Triple Talaq and now with a victory in Ayodhya, it looks like the Modi government will get rid of separate Shariya laws for Muslims. A Uniform Civil Code getting passed by the government is likely to be passed by Parliament soon. Finally India will have one law, one flag, one vote for the nation.

A new era of integral nationalism has arrived in India.

Rangaesh Gadasalli

Los Angeles, Calif.

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