NRIs4Modi, a group of worldwide supporters of Prime Minister Modi, have organized a global Call-A-Thon during which they made thousands of calls to India’s voters last weekend.

Participants had gathered at one place in each of the cities across the U.S. and other countries spanning multiple time zones and started calling their friends, acquaintances and phone numbers that they received from their family and friends seeking support for Modi and NDA while citing the key reasons to support Modi and vote for BJP and NDA. Additionally, they used Just-Dial numbers to call people in India.

Supporters from more than 32 cities including 15 cities from the U.S. had participated in this global Call-A-Thon event. Approximately more than 10,000 calls were made from 7 a.m. IST to 10 p.m. IST from different countries in a coordinated exercise. Other countries involved in this global effort include Australia, Japan, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Nigeria, Germany, Netherlands, UK and other countries. NRIs4Modi supporters are planning to organize a similar event next weekend with the target of reaching at least 20,000 people in India.

Achalesh Amar, one of the organizers, said that voters were so happy to receive a call from NRIs. “Our message of making a more secure, stable and superpower India resonated with them,” he added.

NRIs are getting a very positive response from the people in India. We are conveying our strong support for BJP and PM Modi. Also, we are encouraging them to go and vote.

NRIs4Modi supporters had also organized ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ in Washington, DC, Jersey City, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and other places.

NRIs4Modi supporters had also organized a flash mob dance at the crowded Miller Outdoor Theatre in Houston April 20. “These supporters of Modi believe that support can be shown from anywhere, whether onlookers can vote in the coming Lok Sabha elections or not,” said Madhukar Adi, a key organizer of the flash mob dance.

Earlier, Indian American communities participated in several programs organized by NRIs4Modi, including a “Chowkidar March” in Woodbridge, New Jersey; and car rallies Maryland and Virginia.

Krishna Reddy 

OFBJP president

Via E-mail

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