Overseas of Friends of BJP-USA severely condemns the sinister statement of Sam Pitroda, chairman of the Overseas Indian National Congress and a close confidant of Rahul Gandhi, who questioned India’s air attacks on terrorist training camps located in Pakistan and the death toll in the Balakot airstrike post-Pulwama attack by Pakistan sponsored terrorist attack by Jaish-e-Mohammad suicide bombers.

In his wide-ranging interview to ANI, he also makes a malevolent statement that even Mumbai’s 26/11 gruesome terrorist attacks in 2008 should not be blamed on Pakistan and says terrorist attacks keep happening, but India should not react to those attacks.

Several leaders of the opposition Congress party led by Rahul Gandhi, and regional parties like Samajwadi Party and Trinamool Congress, have been throwing aspersions on the claims of India’s security forces in their sinister designs of belittling India and the Indian security forces. These opposition leaders in their shameless quest for garnering votes and belittling the reigning BJP-led NDA government are damaging the reputation of India and its armed forces. Their myopic vision of attaining power by all means, including telling lies repeatedly, is causing greater harm to the nation, and they seem to be indifferent to the nation’s reputation and integrity.

OFBJP-USA president Krishna Reddy said, “We are baffled by such irresponsible and nasty remarks made by someone like Mr. Sam Pitroda who holds a responsible position in a national political party. It shows the mindset of Congress party leaders who believe in belittling India and its armed forces would fetch them votes.”

OFBJP-USA vice president Dr. Adapa Prasad said that the behavior of these leaders is very dangerous to the country’s integrity, and the people of India could see through the Machiavellian mindset of these communal power brokers who stoop to the bottomless pit of treachery and perfidy against the nation. OFBJP-USA general secretary, Dr. Vasudev Patel said that the Indian Diaspora and people of India are repugnant to these diabolical statements of Pitroda and his ilk on India and its armed forces.


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