Following is an open letter to Ranveer Singh:

Dear Mr. Ranveer Singh,

Congratulations! Through sheer grit, determination and talent, you have earned a place for yourself and stand tall among your peers and enjoy the adulation and demigod status with a huge fan-following not only in our country but also across a country like China.

Your recent TV commercial for a mobile phone is a big hit and maybe sales have gone through the roof. You are probably aware that like hot selling Chinese mobiles there are other Chinese products which have pushed out our very own Indian products. Why?

I have informed celebrities before and I would also like to draw your attention to certain facts behind Chinese products which celebrities endorse. Your conscience will hopefully tell you what you should do.

A lot of Chinese goods available in the Indian market are made by prisoners under appalling conditions in labor camps. They are deprived of sleep and have to slog away without food or breaks. The victims are mostly Falun Dafa practitioners who practice this exercise and meditation practice that promotes good health with an emphasis on improving one’s moral character. Last year during Diwali there was a public service campaign calling for boycotting Chinese goods. It is ironical that a popular Chinese mobile phone maker sold a record one million smart phones in India in 18 days during the Diwali festive season, despite calls for boycott of Chinese goods in the country. 

I respect your integrity and your exemplary sense of ethics at the core of your being and it is demonstrated often when you have stood up for social causes. Since you have such a large fan following and are a role model to countless youngsters, you have a moral responsibility to take a stance to be on the right side of humanity.

Since 2004 Falun Dafa exercise and meditation practice has been introduced in schools and colleges across the length and breadth of India. Falun Dafa was well received by the police academies in Delhi and Hyderabad. Falun Dafa adherents were invited by several large organizations to introduce it to their senior executives and, interestingly, jail superintendents too have requested to introduce the exercise and meditation practice to inmates.

It will be of special interest to you that in the Mumbai film industry there are many ‘behind the scene’ artists such as hair stylists, make-up artists, talent search agencies, photographers who have found strength in Falun Dafa to overcome the stress of the glitz and glamour world.

Suren Rao

President Falun Dafa Association of India

Via E-mail

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