1st letter9-21-19

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan arrives at the legislative assembly in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistan-controlled Kashmir on Aug. 14, to mark the country's Independence Day. (Aamir Qureshi/AFP/Getty Images)

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's Aug. 30 article in the New York Times is full of fury and name-calling. He can certainly do better with some introspection.

Imran Khan’s administration is raising hell in the hope of "internationalizing" Kashmir. Throwing temper tantrums and raising the specter of nuclear war fits very much into that goal.

This time around, Pakistan's temper tantrums seem to be particularly shrill – it is crying ethnic cleansing, Nazism, Mussolini, Hitler, etc. – very strange for a country that got rid of all the religious minorities in 1947 and which has been forced to go after members of minority Muslim sects like Ahmadiyyas and Shias thereafter for lack of enough Hindus and Sikhs in the country.

Pakistan-occupied Kashmir doesn't have an Article 370 or an Article 35A. It has a minuscule population of Kashmiri speakers. Urdu and Punjabi speaking Sunni Muslims have changed the demography of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

The world knows all about the draconian laws against Ahmadiyya Muslims in Pakistan who can receive capital punishment for blasphemy if they call themselves Muslim or refer to their places of worship as a mosque.

Imran Khan has succumbed to that tradition – he could not stand up to the bigotry of extreme Sunni Pakistanis when they went on a rampage against the appointment of Princeton economist Atif Mian as Pakistan's economic adviser. But Imran Khan feels quite safe to rant against India.

Imran Khan's article is a travesty. His priority should be to heal Pakistan.

Nibir Datta

West Hills, Calif.

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