Once a treaty is signed the parties have to live with it. The Treaty of ascension with India was signed by Maharaj Hari Singh of Kashmir in 1947. Since then Jammu & Kashmir is an integral part of India.

The U.S. bought Alaska from Russia in 1867 and in 1917 bought the Virgin Islands from Denmark.

In 1848, Mexico ceded a large portion of California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado to the U.S. Since then the United States administers as to how to govern the land.

Once a treaty is signed the parties have to live with it. Alaskans or Russians cannot ask for going back to the days before signing of the treaty nor can Denmark or Mexico. The same way, India has to live with the Canal Water treaty with Pakistan.

Victory in the 1971 war and capture of 92,000 Pakistan soldiers gave a unique opportunity to India to settle all disputes with Pakistan on India's terms but imprudent crafting of the Shimla Agreement spoiled the golden chance. So, India is still paying the price in Kashmir in the form of the Jehadis from Pakistan as well the handiwork of Pakistan-inspired local secessionists.

Pakistan needs to forget the idea of expansion of Islamic theocracy and, rather, seriously deliberate on withdrawal from one-third of J&K they forcefully occupied.

The world has changed since 9-11-2001. The world is now aware of Pakistan's evil motives designed through terror strikers. India as well stands erect eye to eye.

Pabitra Chaudhuri

Brooklyn, New York

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