1st letter 6-21-19

Indian National Congress Party president Rahul Gandhi conceded on May 23 he had lost his seat in the famous family's long-held home constituency in Amethi. (Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images)

This letter is in response to the letter published in the India-West issue of June 7, 2019 from George Abraham entitled, “Will Democracy Survive Elections?”

As he officially describes himself as vice chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress, my first response is that India over the last 70+ years shown consistently to the world that it is fully capable of protecting and managing democracy even though there were several western skeptics at the time of independence who had doubts about that very fact. Ram Chandra Guha, the historian for modern India, has openly stated that in his speeches and writings.

Abraham, if he is truly a follower and part of the Congress party, should worry about: “Will Congress party survive after the last elections?”

Congress has been rejected overwhelmingly in the last two elections across India and if they have any doubt about their anti-BJP bashing without proper facts and the rule of law, they need to correct themselves from following the “Vote Bank” politics of the past, which was labeling most anti-Congress people non secular and them being the guardians of secularism in India.

A majority of India’s population has twice rejected that false and faulty message and with overwhelming majority adopted the BJP and Narendra Modi’s message of “Sab ka saath, sab ka vikaas.” In that sense, Narendra Modi has been the biggest unifier in a diverse India and unquestionably brought development to the masses and improved their economic and social status without talking about caste and religion in any of his public utterances or government policies. Time magazine recently has published the conclusion that Narendra Modi has been the biggest “unifier” for India.

The press and Congress have bashed the religious negatives of the BJP and Modi personally since 2001 but, to my knowledge, have not proven it in a single litigated case with proper evidence including in Gujarat. Perhaps they do not realize after almost 20 years that Narendra Modi was re-elected a few times in Gujarat after 2001 and has now been re-elected with even a larger majority in 2019 than in 2014 all over India. So, what Abraham and his colleagues in the Congress are worried about and keep talking about their fear for democracy in India does not appear logical to say the least.

If there are any real cases of constitutional violations, they have the system and the rights in India to utilize to make their cases properly and openly. They need to do that if they have real cases, and stop the fear mongering that they often resort to.

Bipin A. Shah

Lafayette, Calif.

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