A decade ago, my father passed away at the undeserving young age of 67. The only thing left of his essence was his photograph framed on the wall. He was there beside me one day, and lost forever the next.

Life began to slowly dragged along as before, but I felt a change in myself. At times I would feel unadulterated rage at one and all for stealing the one person who always believed in me away from me. At other times I would feel like a vacuum of

guilt, taking in all the blame and flinging it on myself. So many things were left unsaid. So much I should have, could have done. I began to question the average life I was living, on a constant hunt for success and societal acceptance.

If life could be stolen away from me without a moment's notice, what did it all really matter? That is when I asked myself the question that would change my life forever: what is my purpose here in this life? What exactly happens when one person dies? Where does one go? Beyond what becomes of their body, what becomes of their mind, their soul, if you will? How does this very same soul affect us in our everyday endeavors?

I, like so many others rudely awaken by a death, began to churn the gears in my brain. In hopes of finding some sort of explanation, I began listening to spiritual talks by a group called the Brahma Kumaris, and reading other writings by

famous philosophers and spiritualists. The more I researched, the more I realized that everyone was preaching the same thing: purification of the thought process to discover one's self.

Seeping in the knowledge for almost 10 years and since then implementing it, improving on it daily, I have transformed myself into a new living being. In attempt to this new phenomenal life I have written two books, "Inception of Our Minds" and "Tangled Loom of Thoughts.”

All my work resonates the mindful living genre, one which we all crave for yet don't fully accept it because of lack of knowledge. I have learned that spirituality is a lifestyle and not a hindrance. Spirituality is the study of a soul interacting with other souls and living in harmony. I feel blessed to share my knowledge with my readers and help them achieve true happiness, peace, and love as I have gained through this blissful knowledge of knowing my self first, then uniting with the Supreme.

Manisha Jain

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