This letter is in reply to a recent letter written by George Abraham in February, who appears to think that people in India and immigrants from India who are residing here are not smart and do not have a clue what is happening in India politically, economically and socially. He echoes perhaps the propaganda of the Congress led by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. And Abraham wants to fool all of us with this Congress propaganda.

Abraham talks about recent three elections. In MP BJP won more votes and lost a few seats with narrowest margins. They lost power in Chattisgarh where BJP was in power for 15 years and had taken tough action against communist Naxalites. Anti-incumbency and communist threats made them lose Chattisgarh. In Rajasthan BJP lost because of internal fighting. Anyway, a win is a win and let us give credit to the Italian-led Congress. What about the Haryana elections, what about the by-elections in other places, where Congress got wiped out? Nobody wants to form an alliance with Congress.

The Congress party should never talk about democracy and human rights as under Indira Gandhi thousands of people were jailed and many died due to improper care from chronic illnesses. They did not even spare freedom fighters like Jayaprakash Narayan and many, many others. What about the Golden Temple attack? What about the Sikh genocide in 1984? Now Modi’s government has been able to send one Congress person to life imprisonment.

The whole world is admiring India as it is about to become a five trillion dollar economy. The World Bank, Wall Street and Asia European markets are admiring Modi. The ease of doing business was above 130 during the Congress era and now it is below 40. India is going to replace the UK soon as the fifth largest economy and it is growing at 7.5 plus percent.

Minorities are ruling India, Mr. Abraham, whereas the U.S. is ruled by the majority community, its religion and culture. One percent Indians can do nothing here except to contribute with their brains and hard work and make the nation and themselves proud.

In Ayodhya, Hindus are not able to take control of an undisputed land. So many NGOs supporting missionaries and involved with converting innocent tribals have been asked to leave India These people were bringing a lot of money, converting people and campaigning for the Gandhis. This is total abuse of democratic rights, Mr. Abraham. Please stop bashing our motherland and its majority community.

India and U.S. relations are growing stronger and stronger every day. Presidents Bush and Obama and now President Trump want strong U.S.-India relations. A record number of roads, bridges and train stations have been built. Millions have got gas connections, electric connections, toilets and loans through banks to start their own business. ModiCare, where everyone gets five lakh rupees for emergency, has been admired by all and many other nations. Ten percent reservations for the poorest among all communities has made Modi very popular. The Congress party days are numbered in India.

We want laws in India similar to the U.S. with a uniform civil code. We want religion to be outside the Constitution. All must be allowed to practice any religion of their choice. We all wanted to come to this great country, which is the strongest democracy. Let us make the largest democracy as strong and unique as the U.S.

Rangaesh Gadasalli,

Harish Dhruv

Los Angeles, Calif.

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