Last week the elections in India changed the country forever. The election looked as if

Narendra Modi was a presidential candidate and won a massive vote against 27 other rivals.

People everywhere ignored the local candidates and said they will vote for Modi. The Congress party was wiped out in 17 states.

Looks like the nation has changed phenomenally now as 12 crore first-time voters went all the

way to cast their vote in favor of the BJP. This is the youth power and emergent India where young men and women say ‘Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin’. In 15 states the BJP got more than 52 percent votes.

Congress got almost wiped out in 17 states. Rahul Gandhi lost in Amethi but won in Wynad in Kerala where Muslims made up 73% of population. Indira Gandhi lost Amethi in 1977 and Congress went down the ladder. Looks like the history is repeating itself.

What does this massive victory for Modi mean to the country, majority Hindus, and neighboring

countries and the world? Looks like the new government will be correcting many of the blunders

committed by Nehru and his partners and rewrite the true narrative about one of the most

ancient civilizations, culture and religions of the world. The word secularism will be replaced with Sarva dharma sama bhava, meaning treating all religions with equal respect.

Nehru had coined the word secular meaning Dhrama Nirapekashrata, meaning not seeking religion in a country which is the home for four wings of Sanathan dharma. Congress under Nehru and Indira treated minorities in a special way for votes and gave them special laws like Shariya, triple talaq and even a state Kashmir where other Indians have no rights but Kashmiri-born there have all rights.

Thanks to rapid progress of technology and media, young men and women have learnt about the injustice given by Congress and communists to Sanatan dharam and now we are seeing a backlash from them.

Looking at the way world leaders like President Trump and others are welcoming the win of Modi, we see the great super power India joining the league of super nations soon.

The BJP did not give tickets to almost120 of its sitting MPs showing them their records and approval ratings from their constituencies. Modi and Amit Shah gave a batch of new candidates and 90% of them won hands down. Gautam Gambhir, Sunny Deol and Hans Raj Hans got the tickets one week prior to filing the papers. Looks like we have a ‘chanukya chandra gupta’ combination working in India.

Congress supporters and some DMK and other affiliates are making a point of showing the BJP as a purely north Indian Hindi speaking party. Nothing can be more nonsensical than this. The BJP got a huge win in Karnataka, won seats in Telangana and Goa and improved their percentage in Kerala Tamil Nadu and Andhra.

A saffron surge has taken over India. We can expect many major reforms in the country in the coming months. As Nitin Gadkari has said, priority will be given to connect Krishna and Godavari to give water to Tamil Nadu and other places. Exports of agricultural products to increase income for farmers may come. A uniform civil code may come once the party gets a majority in Rajya Sabha.

The total lack of national level leaders in Congress will destroy the party. All the children of Congress leaders have lost. All dynasties who were getting elected again and again because their grandparents took part in the freedom movement or worked with Nehru or Indira have got beaten very badly all over India.

A new generation of India where the youth form almost 70% has arrived. India has changed forever.

Rangaesh Gadasalli

Los Angeles, Calif.

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