Two hundred-forty-three years ago, on July 4th, America proclaimed freedom and democracy was born: the “land of the free and home of the brave.” July 4th is time to look forward to something that makes us bigger, better, stronger, smarter and richer. America is famous for being a free-market capitalism magnet for the world. We are unique and our national spirit expresses itself in unparalleled courage and generosity, creative innovation and diversity.

Our hospitality and friendliness are universally known to immigrants, students, visitors and investors alike. To be an American means to be able to live in a country where you have various religious freedoms and exercise your God-given rights. Independence Day has a special meaning for trade and commerce as America has an undying devotion to entrepreneurship and the limitless opportunities available to build and grow your own “American Treasures.” It’s a tribute to Americans who are welcome to pursue their American dreams.

The entrepreneur spirit is alive and doing well. America ranks number one out of 137 countries listed on the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index as of 2018. Companies like Google, Apple, HP, Amazon, and Disney all began in a garage. President Trump, an entrepreneur at heart, is blowing the conch shell, “Make America great again,” writing history by winning as he is capable of the impossible, upholding Article I of the constitution’s “stable, profitable environment for private enterprise.” Trump will not hesitate to continue standing up for American families, businesses and workers. He is the guardian of every American life, under his leadership, we are certain to achieve the dream of national rejuvenation.

A cut in the U.S. corporate tax rate is creating an environment for business like we haven’t seen in many, many decades, from creating jobs to boosting productivity to unleashing innovations. This is a win-win for workers, employers and the economy as a surge in capital investment, higher corporate productivity and profits, and a tight labor market where workers are getting higher salaries, wages and benefits.

Trump’s “America First” doctrine is required more today than ever. His unpredictability makes life more complicated. He is used to dealing with political thugs and coming up with tools that can shake them to their core. He recognizes that every world leader seeks to enrich their own countries. He sees the world and the problems in a way other leaders don’t see.

The world has changed since 2016. The global order is gone. It is time to build a new one. It is good the leader of the new world is President Trump, the “Churchill of the 21st century,” reclaiming America's proud destiny.

The U.S. job force has one of the greatest with its working spirit, desire and will to advancement, sincerity and ingenuity, known in the industrial world. At Prince, we have changed lives creating an atmosphere where people can work hard, further their education, but also have opportunities to have a life as we invest in our associates and the communities we serve in.

A core American belief is: “If you take the risk, you bear the consequence.” Nowhere but in America could somebody who started with as little as I had come as far as I have. I came here with nothing and this great nation gave me an opportunity to live the American Dream. The best way to show my gratitude is my commitment to corporate social responsibility inspiring the younger generation. We are proud to be awarded America’s most honored business. We fly the flags of the best-known brand names in lodging with the highest pride, respect and honor, blessed with the Asian American Hotel Association ‘Humanitarian’ honor.

Our business is cultivating admiration and respect, being good stewards of society, engaging our team following the culture of these values: dedication, integrity, respect, excellence, community, teamwork and spirit. Our team members present the indomitable spirit and moral standards of our company to the world, making the right decisions, having the courage to envision the future as they believe too that our future shouldn't be something that just happens to us. Our future should be something we create.

I would love to see every employee achieve the American Dream of working hard with honesty, owning their own homes, putting their children through college and retiring with respect and dignity. Business is about trust and for us as it has everything to do with ethics or morality, which is our moral as well as our operating compass.

I add my own voice of thankfulness and gratitude for this great nation of opportunity, promise and hope. I do daily acts of gratitude. Being a hotelier has shown me that people are more similar than different, no matter where you go. When I visit our hotels, I see God through his creation, the diversity of America.

I hope your readers will enjoy old-fashioned parades, county fairs, dancing, patriotic songs and fireworks. Wishing everyone a very happy, safe, and memorable Fourth of July holiday. Until next year, make every day count and create the very best memories with those you love. Let your success story be the result of your hard work, righteous good and vision that came to light, your God-given talents that gave you purpose, and the accomplishment and pride that you finished something you set out to do, continuing to carry the torch forward. God Bless America. Happy Birthday, America! At 243 years old, you’ve never looked better.

Sunil Tolani

Los Angeles, Calif.

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