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This combination of pictures created on Oct. 15, 2020 shows Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden participating in an ABC News town hall event at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia on Oct. 15, 2020, and President Donald Trump gesturing as he speaks during an NBC News town hall event at the Perez Art Museum in Miami on Oct. 15, 2020. Both candidates’ protectionist policies have the potential to adversely impact India and Indian Americans. (photos by Jim Watson and Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images)

The presidential election is just few days away. This is a highly consequential election because the stakes could not be higher. So who should we vote for? 

On the one hand, we have Donald Trump/Mike Spence Republican Team who are the current president and the vice president. Their challengers are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Team, the Democrats. Trump’s flaws are many: 

  • Trump has major character flaws: dishonesty, narcissistic, egoistic, incompetent, never held elected office before, no governing experience before becoming president, conspiracy theory believer, racist, no foreign policy experience, hates everyone who disagrees with him, does not trust science, and above all, does not believe in climate change. 
  • The climate change is the greatest existential threat facing humanity. If we don’t take drastic action to mitigate climate change, the consequences will be catastrophic. Trump does not believe in climate change. Trump administration has offered oil companies a chunk of the American west and the Gulf of Mexico that’s four times the size of California. They have removed more than 2 million acres from Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante national monuments –culminating in the largest elimination of protected areas in U.S. history. Now, its interior department finalized plans to permit drilling, mining and grazing in these areas of Southern Utah that once had been protected. He has no plans to mitigate climate change. The well-being of our children and grandchildren is at state. The wellbeing of humanity is at stake. Just on this account, we should vote him out of office.  
  • He values loyalty over competence: officials who put country’s interest first, advising him, rather than loyalty to him are usually dismissed from their jobs.  
  • Trump White House is a mess and chaotic. There is a constant flow of officials being fired and hired. There is no continuity. 
  • He does not trust science or expertise. He makes his decisions by his ‘feelings’ or his ego. This has major consequences to the country and the world. 
  • He has alienated all our allies.
  • He has unwisely pulled out of several international treaties including the Paris Accord, TPP, Intermediate Range Nuclear Treaty with Russia, NAFTA (renegotiated), UNESCO, Iran Nuclear Deal, UN Human Rights Council. Trump’s administration has formally moved to withdraw the U.S. from the world Health Organization. These are highly irresponsible steps. Who will trust the U.S. in future to keep its promise?  
  • His relentless need to attack his opponents has rendered him unable to unify the country. 
  • He is unable to plan for the future and has no sympathy for poor or the middle class.   
  • He has utterly failed to respond effectively to the coronavirus pandemic. No wonder, the richest country in the world is suffering from the highest death toll and infection toll in the world. His administration is totally unprepared for this pandemic. 

Yes, he is a friend of Prime Minister Modi and India. But what does that mean? Prime Minister Modi is friends with Trump not because he is Trump, but because he is the president of the United States. PM Modi was friends with Obama and is friends with many world leaders, including Putin; because Prime Minister Modi believes in what is good for India and so being friends with world leaders is in the best interest of India. 

Granted, Joe Biden has made some unfriendly statements about Modi’s Kashmir policy. But when and if he becomes president of this country, he and Modi surely will be friends because both need each other.

India is not very dependent on America. In 1998, after nuclear bomb explosions by both India and Pakistan, Bill Clinton put sanctions on India and Pakistan. As a result, India was not affected at all while Pakistan was devastated. America needs India’s huge market to sell its products. So, Biden cannot afford to be unfriendly to India. He gains nothing by being unfriendly to India. In other words, it does not make any difference to India who is the next president of America. But it makes a huge difference who is next president of America, to us, Indian Americans, our children and grandchildren. Trumps policy of environmental degradation could pose tremendous danger to health of this nation and to the health of this planet.  

Joe Biden has tirelessly worked for this country for almost half a century dealing in a bipartisan way across the aisle on many issues. He gave us, along with Obama, the Obama Care health plan. If Trump gets reelected, the Republicans will surely take away Obama Care. So millions of Americans with existing pre-conditions will lose their healthcare.  

Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, is a highly accomplished dynamic woman. She fought herself from ordinary background to becoming Attorney General for the state of California and then got elected to becoming the Senator from California. There is no comparison between Harris and Pence. 

What had Trump done for this country before he became president? Nothing. In fact, he exploited this country by not paying millions of dollars in taxes, declaring bankruptcies four times and exploited thousands of small business owners by paying them few cents on dollar or not paying them at all, falsely claiming that their work on his buildings was not satisfactory! According to The Washington Post, Trump has made 20,000 false or misleading claims or tsunami of untruths while in office by July 9, this year! 

Do we want such a person for four more years? I think it will be a major blunder on the part of all Indian Americans not to vote for Biden/Harris team on November 3, 2020.  

Chaitanya Davé 

Via Email



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