The recent action by Gov. Gavin Newsom putting a moratorium on the death penalty in California is immoral. In the 2016 elections, more than 53% voters voted to keep the death penalty. Over 700 criminals who are awaiting execution were sentenced by the courts for crimes they committed. Further, the people of California have spoken that they want the death penalty to be enforced.

Gavin Newsom does not have the authority to overrule the people's vote. What is law? When we live in a society, it is the will of the people. That is how laws were/are made.

He does not like the will of the people who voted for the death penalty, but he likes the will of the people who voted him in his office. It is not pick and choose. The people who put him in office can also put him out of office.

One thing is clear, the politicians do not want a problem to be solved. They make tall promises at election time, but forget them soon after getting elected. They only remember the promises again during the next election. Their promises are never fulfilled, only recycled.

The crime rate is going up and up. Our politicians do not see that. If they want the crime rate to look good, they just remove one "zero,” example, crime is at 20%, remove one zero – it is 2% – good. If the economy is doing 2%, just add a zero, it becomes 20% -- very good. It is all a game of "zeros" for these politicians. Crime is good for the economy. If one murder happens, hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people get employed. All the police, sheriffs, sometimes FBI, TV reporters, news media, radio, lawyers, judges and scores of other people get involved. This is good business.

It is time for Californians to recall Gavin Newsom. All the people who voted to keep the death penalty need to get together and vote Gavin Newsom out.

Virendra Jain

Concord, Calif.

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