The Fremont Niles Majority Residents (NMR) including Niles Indian Community are very disappointed with India-West’s coverage by Sunita Sohrabji dated June 24, 2019. The headline, “City of Fremont Presents Plan to House Homeless, as Throngs of Angry Residents Protest,” conveys the wrong impression towards NMR. We are not protesting the “homeless housing project,” but we are opposing the Fremont city’s process of selecting the Nile Discovery Church (NDC) parking lot as a project location, which is in the Niles Historic area and near a residential area.

  1. The city staff have created the criteria that will perfectly fit the NDC site, not considering the safety issue of our Niles school children, nearby public park, earthquake-zone and the nearby rail-track.
    2. Spending taxpayer money of $200,000 in leasing cost for five years and the several hundred dollars cost for NDC site preparation and that only benefits to NDC, whereas there are dozens of city-owned locations that can be used without leasing, and use that taxpayer money wisely in benefit to homeless people.
    3. There will be no screening of addiction, mentally ill, sex-offenders, etc., who will be coming to the center. They will provide one time meal only. The result will surely be a flush of roaming of homeless people into the residential area, invitation of drug-dealers and crimes.

The NMR opposing the city staff biased presentation against 96 citizens of the Niles community who brought out the deficiencies of the site selection process and transparency issues to the city of Fremont.

Urvashi Shah

Fremont, Calif.

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